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RE4Industry Knowledge Transfer Webinar “Greening the Lime Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for Decarbonisation” 

The RE4Industry Project recently hosted a Knowledge Transfer Webinar on the topic of “Grüne Kalkindustrie: Herausforderungen und Chancen” (Greening the Lime Industry: Challenges and Opportunities). The event, which took place on June 23rd, attracted a diverse audience of over 30 participants from the industry and research sectors. The webinar provided […]

RE4Industry Final event: Capturing competitiveness: carbon removal, renewable energies, and feedstock efficiency for EIIs

Last week, RE4Industry held its final event in the margins of the European Sustainable Energy Week, at the Residence Palace, Brussels. It brought together about 50 experts to discuss the future of the European Industry, taking into account the decarbonisation plans set by the European Union.  Alessandro Polito, representing DG Energy, gave the introductory speech and mentioned the importance […]

RE4Industry Contribution at the EUBCE

In the framework of the 31st EUBCE conference, on the 6th of June a dedicated parallel event titled “Bioenergy Solutions for Decarbonization of Energy Intensive Industries” was successfully organized as part of the RE4Industry project in Bologna, attracting over 50 participants from around the world. The session commenced with an overview […]

Expert interview with Wim Van der Stricht

Wim Van der Stricht has participated in the RE4Industry project describing two projects developed at ArcelorMittal plant in Ghent, Belgium. These projects are an excellent example of the climate action initiatives to facilitate the energy-intensive industry (EII) sector in Europe and a smooth and more secure transition to the adoption […]

RE4Industry Green Hydrogen Symposium

The RE4Industry symposium “Uptake of Green Hydrogen for EIIs” took place at the premises of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Garching on 22 March 2023. After a tour-de-table introducing all 20 participants, the symposium was opened by Dr Rainer Janssen from WIP who thanked all speakers and participants […]

5th Project General Assembly 

Munich, March 2023 RE4Industry held in Germany, Munich, its 5th General Assembly and Consortium meeting, having been able to bring together at least one representative of each of the Consortium partners. Being a hybrid event, some were still able to join online. For three days, the Consortium gathered to debate and […]

RE4Industry partners gathered in Ghent to discuss the steel sector decarbonisation and visit the Torero and Steelanol projects at ArcelorMittal’s plant

Day 1: Workshop in Ghent  RE4Industry partners attended the workshop “Prospects of biocoal for the metallurgical industry”. A scientific and technological seminar was held in Ghent to discuss the potential use of biomass in the iron and steel sector as a means to substitute coal. Using biochar produced from torrefied […]

RE4Industry “Fossil-Free Future of Energy Intensive Industries” workshop

On The 23rd of November 2022, the workshop “Fossil-Free Future of Energy Intensive Industries” was organised by Bioenergy Europe in the framework of their annual conference: the European Bioenergy Future 2022. After a short presentation of the project by Alessandro Carmona, researcher in the biomass valorisation team at CIRCE (coordinator of […]

Expert interview to Manuel Acuña

Manuel Acuña is one of RE4Industry’s experts giving his contribution to facilitating the energy-intensive industry (EII) sector in Europe a smooth and more secure transition to the adoption of Renewable Energies (RE). Integrating the Spanish team, Manuel is an Electrical Engineer at Verallia – a leading multinational company in the […]

Webinar “Sustainable Syngas Production for the German and European Glass Industry” 

On the 24th of October 2022, the webinar “Sustainable Syngas Production for the German and European Glass Industry” took place in the framework of RE4Industry knowledge transfer activities. RE4Industry was very pleased to have as co-organizers BV Glas, and Enviva Biomass represented by Christiane Nelles and Hendrick Steinort, respectively, as […]

4th Project General Assembly

Greece, September 2022 RE4Industry held in Greece its fourth General Assembly, with the presence of most of the Consortium (some could not sadly join us, but a hybrid event was carried out for those who could not attend). For three days the Consortium was gathered to discuss the last actions […]

Review Meeting RE4Industry 

Last Tuesday, May 17th, RE4Industry Consortium got together for its first Review Meeting with the European Commission. The partners, joining online from all over the EU, successfully showcased the progress of the project in the first 18 months and the next steps for the second period of the project. The […]

Joint German Cluster and Committee Meeting Update

On Friday, 29th of April, WIP organised the second meeting for the RE4Industry members of the RE4Industry German Cluster and Committee to present the latest project results. The meeting brought together the representatives of German Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) participants with the aim of discussing policies and suitable technologies for the renewable […]

3rd Project General Assembly 

Basauri, March 2022 RE4Industry’s third General Assembly took place – for the first time – as a hybrid event at Sidenor’s main facilities near Bilbao, Spain.  For two days, the partners were able to discuss the project’s progress and align expectations and plans for the following months, having also had […]

Decarbonisation of the Energy Intensive Industries – through renewable energies

On the 7th of February, under European Industry Days – Unlocking the future: EU industrial ecosystems on the path to the green and digital transition, RE4Industry Consortium organized a local event gathering experts from Energy Intensive Industries to discuss how is decarbonisation foreseen by the industry, and what possible solutions are […]

RE4 Industry workshops on industrial needs and solutions

On 15th October partners of the RE4 Industry consortium had an opportunity to participate in 3 workshops dedicated to the preliminary analysis of industry needs and potential solutions of the tree industrial partners involved in the project. Iron and steel sector – Sidenor  About Sidenor:  Sidenor is a steel company, leader […]