What are the RE4Industry clusters?

RE4Industry clusters are technical groups covering four different countries, on a national basis. The countries engaged in the clusters are Spain, Greece, Germany and Netherlands.

What is the role of the experts joining the RE4Industry clusters?

  • Technical Experts, mainly focused on technical feedback, about processes, experiences with technologies and new developments
  • Consultancy on technical matters and to fill in information gaps.

What is the benefit of being part of the RE4Industry clusters?

  • Access to project materials, knowledge exchange with national and international actors
  • Networking opportunities and possible participation in future EU-funded projects
  • Receive information on events, seminars or other actions of their interest
  • Insight in opportunities and barriers for decarbonisation of EIIs
  • Visibility (e.g. your dedicated section on project’s website)

How to join the RE4Industry clusters?

RE4Industry cluster ES

Contact: Alessandro Carmona

Fundación CIRCE 

RE4Industry cluster DE

Contact: Olgu Birgi

WIP Renewable Energies

Contact: Dr Rainer Janssen 

WIP Renewable Energies

RE4Industry cluster GR

Contact: Manolis Karampinis


Contact: Aimilia Lympeti


RE4Industry cluster NL

Contact: Patrick Reumerman