In the framework of the 31st EUBCE conference, on the 6th of June a dedicated parallel event titled “Bioenergy Solutions for Decarbonization of Energy Intensive Industries” was successfully organized as part of the RE4Industry project in Bologna, attracting over 50 participants from around the world. The session commenced with an overview of the RE4Industry Project, highlighting its activities and showcasing results, followed by the presentation of successful case examples from energy-intensive industries (EIIs).

The focus then shifted to biomass decarbonization solutions for the steel industry, with presentations covering topics such as the utilization of torrefied biomass in steel production and the techno-economic feasibility of integrating biomass slow pyrolysis in an EAF steelmaking site. Additionally, the role of bioenergy and biomass was addressed during the session. The workshop fostered active engagement among participants, who posed insightful questions regarding the presentations.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to present the RE4Industry project during the poster presentation session, capturing the attention of both the poster committee and participants. The project garnered significant interest from the audience, and the RE4Industry brochure was well-received by attendees.

We once again express our gratitude to all the speakers who actively participated in the workshop, and we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming events of the project.

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