RE4Industry methodology

RE4Industry methodology can be expressed through 7 action axes targeted to generate confidence, facilitate vision, provide support and ensure market options to EIIs.

A strong engagement strategy following a multiactor approach

The development of this strategy is performed under the leadership of WR, bringing their expertise in social research, supported by BIOEU for activities such as advocacy and with the network of partners (e.g. ESEIA and EEIP).

A dialogue with and within EIIs and EII organizations

CIRCE together with WR act as coordinators and main responsible of the engagement strategy respectively. Nevertheless, all RE4Industry actions involve engagement of target actors and key players.

A thoughtfully review of RE technologies and options for a 100% RE production by 2050

This work relies mainly on CERTH and CIRCE leadership and  gathers all project partners and project panelists feedback to create an outlook of the industry process and RE technologies in the path towards 2050.

Insights into industry retrofitting and promotion of RE integration

Keys for RE adoption by EIIs will be explored through review success cases while the industries follow a collaborative analysis to elucidate the paths for early transition to RE.

Recommendations for the uptake of RE by EIIs and advocacy

Specific actions of advocacy are foreseen and led by BIOEU. The purpose is to gather the vision and needs for a favorable framework and to be transposed to EIIs organizations and to policy makers.

Multiplication and replication

RE4Industry has designed a detailed replication plan led by WIP so that project results do not remain as a static action. WIP counts with all partners and specifically with ESEIA for a cross-border knowledge transfer action.

A solid dissemination and communication strategy

To reach as many stakeholders as possible and ensure the uptake of the project results, EEIP shapes a strategic dissemination and communication plan counting on the support of RE4Industry partners, Collaborative Network and internal communication committee.