What are the RE4Industry Expert groups?

RE4Industry Expert groups are sector oriented expert groups focusing on different aspects: Energy Intensive Industries, Renewables, Regulations and Society. 

What is the role of the experts joining the RE4Industry Expert groups?

  • Expert with a strategic perspective on an EU level
  • They provide a wider view, insights on the market and technical positioning of the sector, roadmaps and overall view of different solutions for decarbonisation.

What is the benefit of being part of the RE4Industry Expert groups?

  • Receive project reporting and key materials 
  • Participate in constructing the vision and strategy for the full decarbonisation of the sector 
  • Collaborate in shaping the key messages to be transferred to the sector, and base for advocating to policy makers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Insight in opportunities and barriers for decarbonisation of EIIs
  • Visibility (e.g. your dedicated section on project’s website)

How to join the RE4Industry Expert groups?

RE4Industry Expert group: EIIs

Contact Alessandro Carmona

Fundación CIRCE 

Contact Patrick Reumerman

BTG Biomass Technology Group 

RE4Industry Expert group: Renewables

Contact: Olgu Birgi

WIP Renewable Energies

Contact: Dr Rainer Janssen 

WIP Renewable Energies

RE4Industry Expert group: Regulations

Contact Michal Duglosz

Bioenergy Europe

RE4Industry Expert group: Society

Contact Dr Andreas Ziogos

White Research

Contact MSc, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Melpomeni Vyzika

White Research