Apart from its role as coordinator, CIRCE is the main responsible for the assessment of the existing and upcoming technologies in the area of industrial decarbonisation as well as in the analysis of the industry needs, based on its wide experience in industrial retrofitting projects and renewable energy promotion activities. CIRCE also has high experience in EU projects including VULKANO, BAMBOO, RETROFEED.

BTG is in charge of developing RE4Industry baseline methodology for the development of Actions Plans in the EII. Its inter-disciplinary team has a long-standing expertise in analysing industrial and service innovations and has already been working in the uptake of bio-based technologies and carriers by the EU industry in EU projects like BIOFIT or MUSIC.

As one of Greece’s leading research centres, CERTH has long experience in both technology development and knowledge transfer related to the energy sector. Within RE4Industry, CERTH will be the primary responsible for analyzing the current status of the EII sector and identifying success cases of renewable energy integration. Moreover, CERTH will develop a map tool for the visualization of the progress of the European EII sector towards decarbonization and increased renewable energy uptake and will support the development of the Greek case study, MYTILINEOS.

As a private company active in the fields of RE technologies, WIP leads RE4Industry replication strategy. Their expertise relies in the organisation of international RE events bridging the gap between research and implementation of RE systems. Moreover, they work hand in hand with the industry for the supervision and realisation of projects, which will be crucial for maximising the impact of the replication use cases.

As a social research SME specialized in market analysis, business strategy, innovation management and policy and user related issues, WR is in charge of designing RE4Industry engagement strategy and Collaborative Network in WP2 and will provide the use cases with the required support to overcome legal, social and financial challenges that could hamper the uptake of renewable energies in the targeted industries.

As the voice of European bioenergy for the development of a fair market for bioeconomy, BIOEU is in charge of organizing the main empowering, lobbying and advocacy activities of the project. They are conformed by more than 40 associations and 90 companies and R&D centres, which provides RE4Industry with a critical mass of stakeholders on bioenergy to achieve and replicate its objectives.

As a business and policy platform for energy transition that looks into new technical solutions and sound business models that accelerate the market growth, EEIP is in charge of leading the dissemination and communication activities of the project, taking advantage of the EEIP network users that covers the entire value chain (supply and demand side of the RE technologies explored within RE4Industry).

ESEIA is the European sustainable energy innovation alliance and counts with 27 leading research and innovation organisations in the field of sustainable energy systems from 13 different European countries. They are responsible for the entire network aware of RE4Industry results in order to become the market seed of the project, although 4 countries will be selected to carry out more specific knowledge transfer activities.

SIDENOR is the largest manufacturer in Spain of special steels, forgings and castings, as well as one of the main manufacturers of drop forging pieces and is the main use case for the validation of RE4Industry methodology validation in Spain. Moreover, they have several production sites in Germany, France, Italy and the U.K., which will enable the in-house transfer of results across the EU.

MYTILINEOS is the largest vertical integrated primary aluminium producer in Europe, owning bauxite mines, alumina refinery and aluminium smelter plants. They will become the main use case for Greece to continue their activities related to the optimization of energy efficiency and reduction of GHG emissions. Their production facilities inside and outside Europe will also enable the replication of the results in a wide number of countries.

CORBION is the global market leader in lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives, and a leading company in emulsifiers, functional enzyme blends, minerals, vitamins, and algae ingredients. Corbion is thus a strong sustainable ingredient solutions company in biochemicals and food and will become the main use case in the Netherlands.