Basauri, March 2022

RE4Industry’s third General Assembly took place – for the first time – as a hybrid event at Sidenor’s main facilities near Bilbao, Spain. 

For two days, the partners were able to discuss the project’s progress and align expectations and plans for the following months, having also had the opportunity to visit Sidenor’s factory. From the meeting the below generic conclusions came to light:  

⚡ Different groups of advisers are currently operating and providing feedback to the project, not only at a national level through the Clusters and Committees but also at the European level via the Expert groups.

⚡ Thanks to the interaction with these groups, the RE4Industry project gathers direct feedback from energy-intensive industries on the technological, financial, social, and legal challenges that the sector might expect for the decarbonisation of their processes.

⚡ The project has released the “EIIs interactive map” where emissions by the energy-intensive industries for recent years can be visualized. This tool might be of help not only to the industries themselves but also to researchers to classify at first glance the emissions by country, sector or specific industry. From now on, the tool will be constantly updated with success cases of integration of renewables in the industry.

⚡ In close collaboration with our industrial partners, the RE4Industry project will expand the preliminary analysis conducted on them. The strategy has been agreed and a much-detailed analysis will be the result of these actions.

⚡ The results of this analysis can be used as an example of how similar industries can decarbonise their processes.

⚡ RE4Industry has also made progress in assessing different renewable technologies that will aid energy-intensive industries in decarbonising.

⚡ Technological solutions have been assessing in the differentiated groups’ A) renewable heat and B) renewable power. These will allow the industry to substitute their current demand for fossils.