Greece, September 2022

RE4Industry held in Greece its fourth General Assembly, with the presence of most of the Consortium (some could not sadly join us, but a hybrid event was carried out for those who could not attend).

For three days the Consortium was gathered to discuss the last actions that took place within the Project, as well as the next actions to be taken. 

This time, the Consortium had the chance to visit two facilities: Milaki Cement Plan of Holcim (Heracles group), and partner Mytilineos Aluminium of Greece. This allowed the opportunity to better understand the actions and road maps of actual industries willing to decarbonise their industries, and also offered the chance to view their processes first-hand.

The General Assembly was a successful event where the following conclusion could be outlined:

 ⚡ Already more than 20 meetings have been conducted with the different Cluster and Committees, also at the European level with the selected Expert Groups. Additional industries will be targeted nonetheless, to gather more information and expertise.

⚡ This feedback from experts and EIIs is key for developing different reports on the EIIs industries and decarbonisation technologies and will be available for the general public through the projects’ webpage and different channels.

⚡ General innovations for all industries with highly CO2 concentrated emissions will be additionally analysed for their potential for synthetic fuel production.

⚡ Different reports on the suitability of REs spotted with the different industry set-ups and technical configurations, expected energy balances of each solution, impacts in processes and economics will be addressed.

⚡ On the different paths for innovation and market penetration of RE-based EIIs commodities has already gathered the reports on ecolabels for energy-intensive industry products and in the next months will work on the analysis for the ecolabel

⚡ The RE4Industry Knowledge Transfer Seminar Austria aims to provide a platform to debate how EIIs can succeed in this challenge and accelerate the already ongoing shift towards renewable energy solutions initiated with the RE4Industry project, funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020. 

⚡ The first RE4Industry Knowledge Transfer Seminar is taking place in Graz, Austria by the end of October. Co-organized by ESEIA, Federation of Austrian Industries Styria, Federation of Austrian Industries Carinthia, and the Graz University of Technology, this event is the first of a series of knowledge transfer seminars to be held in multiple EU countries in 2022-23. The next one will be held in Varkaus, Finland on 25 November 2022.

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