D2.7 RE4Industry Industrial FORA

D2.7 RE4Industry Industrial FORA – Financing and investments

D6.1 RE4Industry Brochure

1. Finnish

2. Dutch

3. German

4. Spanish

5. Romanian

6. Greek

7. Croatian

D2.7 RE4Industry Industrial FORA – Electrification

D2.7 RE4Industry Industrial FORA – Bioenergy and solid biomass

D2.7 RE4Industry Industrial FORA - Hydrogen use

D2.7 RE4Industry Industrial FORA - Carbon management

The interest in carbon removal solutions has been growing steadily for the past years, and significant progress is being made on the technological side of carbon capture and utilisation.

D3.1 - EIIs Sector Status in Europe

This deliverable aims to capture the current status of the European industrial sector, provide information regarding its energy and GHG emissions profile and outline different alternatives that are being investigated for their decarbonization.


1.Overview of Energy Intensive Industries in Europe

2. Cement and Lime

3. Ceramics

4. Chemicals and Fertilizers

5. Glass

6. Non-ferrous metals

7. Steel

8. Spain

9. Greece

D1.3 - Data Management First Draft

This deliverable provides indications as to what kind of data the project will collect, how the data will be preserved and which sharing policies will be adopted towards making data readily available to the research community.

D7.4 - Project Communication Kit

D7.4 aims at gathering useful material for project communication and dissemination to support not only project partners but also external actors with the final aim of increasing the possibilities for exploiting project results.

D7.5 - Project Website

This deliverable describes the RE4Industry website, both from the content and from the technical point of view.