On the 24th of October 2022, the webinar “Sustainable Syngas Production for the German and European Glass Industry” took place in the framework of RE4Industry knowledge transfer activities. RE4Industry was very pleased to have as co-organizers BV Glas, and Enviva Biomass represented by Christiane Nelles and Hendrick Steinort, respectively, as well as Dr Jörg Leicher from GWI, Dr Ferdinand Drünert from HVG-DGG, and Thomas Bleul from Spanner Re2 GmbH presenting their valuable views. 

After a tour de table, where participants had the chance to introduce themselves, RE4Industry was presented, along with the project’s recent progress and upcoming activities. The Federal Association of the German Glass Industry was presented too, with the focus being on possible solutions to decarbonize the glass industry through green energy and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). Following, sustainable feedstock was discussed, emphasizing the importance of using sustainable lignocellulosic biomass for defossilisation glass and hard-to-abate industries.

Focusing on the potential and challenges of sustainable syngas production for application in the European Glass Industry, the two-hour webinar was met with great interest by more than 30 participants. Once the presenters were finished, featuring different investigations on the use of various materials towards decarbonisation, as well as their own experience with alternative fuels and related projects, the session was enriched by an exchange of ideas on what had just been debated, turning out to be a fruitful event. 

RE4Industry looks forward to the upcoming activities, where the full decarbonisation of Energy Intensive Industries will continue to be discussed. 

The webinar recording is now available!! Watch it here.