Since 2001 Wim de Jong is working at Twence. As Advisor Market and Strategy he supports the acceleration of the transition of Twence from waste management company to a producer of renewable energy and supplier of high quality secondary raw materials and biobased materials.

As Master of Science in Applied Physics and Master of Environmental Business Administration (University of Twente) he is a member of the steering committee of the Dutch Nutrient Platform, the program team of Mineral Valey Twente, the steering committee of the Dutch Biobased Circular Business Platform and the Policy & Strategy Commission of the Dutch Waste Management Association.

Organisation: Twence

Dr. Jörg Gigler (1967) has been working on sustainability and innovation for more than 25 years. Since 2013 he is director of the Dutch New Gas Innovation Team (TKI New Gas), a public private partnership that is part of the Topsector Energy. He is responsible for innovation on topics such as hydrogen, biomethane, geo energy and CCS. Jörg has held different positions in consultancy, the gas industry and at governments. He studied Agricultural Engineering at Wageningen University (NL) where he obtained a PhD in Agricultural Sciences.

Organisation: Topsector Energie