What is RE4Industry?

100% Renewable Energies for Energy Intensive Industries

100% Renewable

A thoughtfully review of RE technologies and options for a 100% RE production by 2050

Industry insights

Insights into industry retrofitting and promotion of RE integration


A strong engagement strategy following a multiactor approach


A dialogue with and within EIIs and EII organizations

Policy and Advocacy

Recommendations for the uptake of RE by EIIs and advocacy and to policy makers.

Join our Networks

Join the national cluster to provide your technical vision about processes, experiences with technologies and new developments. Engage with the project and the extensive network, as you’ll be given visibility acting as representative of your country.
As representative of one of the RE4Industry sector, you’ll represent the strategic perspective at EU level. Collaboration in shaping the messages and in building a common decarbonisation strategy will be at its core.
Act on the national policy and advocacy level by gaining insights from the national cluster and the project results themselves, with a specific focus on solution transfer to national decision makers.
Get local practical experience at national level and transfer the solutions from the national-level policy side to the highest-level group at EU-policy making side.


Highlights from the RE world

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4th Project General Assembly

Greece, September 2022 RE4Industry held in Greece its fourth General…

Review Meeting RE4Industry 

Last Tuesday, May 17th, RE4Industry Consortium got together for its…

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