Brussels, June 20th 2023 

After three exciting years, RE4Industry project held its final event in Brussels, “Capturing competitiveness: carbon removal, renewable energies, and feedstock efficiency for EIIs”, at the Residence Palace, in the margins of the European Sustainable Energy Week. The event brought together around 50 experts from the energy transition field, and different sectors, to discuss the future of the European Industry, having into account the decarbonisation goals set by the European Union. 

Alessandro Polito, from DG Energy, was the invited keynote speaker and made a point in highlighting the fact that for the first time, industry will be included in the Renewable Energy Directive, introducing a new way of looking at RE and hopefully accelerating the energy transition. 

Followed by a couple of presentations on the project’s progress given by Olgu Birgi and Anatoli Rontogianni, both coming from the project’s consortium to showcase some of the insights the project was able to gather over time. On a different note, Diego Redondo presented RETROFEED, one of the projects collaborating with RE4Industry, that is focused on smart retrofitting in process industries, and which is delivering interesting results in that plan.

Lastly, a round table took place, “Success cases and remaining challenges – views from sectors”, was the focus, giving the four speakers (Jorge Mendonça e Costa, APIGCEE, Timo Gerres, Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (IIT), Diedert Debusscher, Copper Alliance, and Frank Ohnemüller, FG Kalk) a chance to discuss and debate on their view from different sectors and points of view, and inciting the audience as well to ask questions and participate. 

The final event of the project showed to be successful, bringing to those present an opportunity to understand how the industry is moving around the energy transition and what could be the next steps, taking that there are common aspirations amongst the ones involved, despite of the big challenge decarbonisation represents. 

Read the article on the final event and watch it or rewatch it here.

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